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Jan &Stew(non-registered)
Your are a very talented artist!
Your photos capture amazing detail while freezing memorable moments in time.
Emotion, colour and texture very nicely blended.
Paula Thornborrow
One amazing lady and photographer. She did an amazing job a capturing my toy poodle Nikki. Thank you Paula
Janet Howgate(non-registered)
Oh my soul Paula - your pictures are truly spectacular. I love every one of them. :)))))
Denise Yacknowiec(non-registered)
Hello Paula,

Just finished the newsletter. Great read. Enjoyed your website, very nice pictures and your love of dogs really comes through to the viewer. I really needed this after a hard day at the office. Thank you.
Debbie Bandoni(non-registered)
Could not stop watching! Amazing talent for capturing these beautifies, well done indeed!
Jack Brown
Thank you very much i really appreciate your photos they are very lovely and inspiring photo i wish i could be like that pro like you.
Trace owners phone:
Candice Turner(non-registered)
Your photographs are flawless, its remarkable how you manage to capture such amazing shots. You are one talented woman.
Leif Petersen(non-registered)
Great portfolio, Paula. Very impressive. Your clients must be very pleased.
Glenn Tindale(non-registered)
I was very fortunate to sit in on your presentation “A Passion for Dogs” at the Oshawa Camera Club meeting. Love your pictures, website and the passion you have for dogs. Thank You!
great action shots....very crisp and clear photos...the furkids owners should be very happy with the results....keep shooting !!!....enjoyed flipping through them.... :0)
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