Paula Bund Phototography | About

The fun with marching through life is being able to take advantage of all sorts of opportunities and experiences. But where I find the most joy, where I am most centred, is photographing pets and nature.

I guess genetics wins out in the end. My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all professional photographers. Some of my earliest memories are of being in the dark room, standing on a stool helping my Dad develop black and white prints in his photo studio.

In 2013, I embarked on one of the greatest adventures of my life. I co-founded Standard Poodles In Need, Rescue and Rehome. I love poodles! I love their strength of purpose. I love their sense of fun. And I love their kissable noses. Rescue work has brought both joy and humility. I am humbled that I have the opportunity to help not only standard poodles but many other beautiful animals in need. 

Photographing a loved pet or a dog in need of a home is my joy. We have so much fun. And then to go through the photos and see what we have captured. Joy, tenderness, possibility. It's all there.

I am truly blessed to be able to photograph dogs and pets on a regular basis. Many of my clients ask for that beautiful, hang-on-the-wall headshot. I specialize in custom backgrounds that are designed to bring out the dog’s natural beauty. These photos are dynamite when printed on canvas. The canvas gives the look and feel of a painting.

I have a mobile, simple set-up. My lights are constant because I have found that some dogs get stressed with too much popping and the high whining sound of recharge. I can set-up in relatively small areas, such as living rooms or dens quite easily as the system is small and light. Typically dogs are quite comfortable and anyway I take my time with them. I don’t know if I do it on purpose (take my time). I just like to play. 

So here I am, and here we are. Let's go!